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Workshop 4 Presentations (November 5 2007)
On the 5th November 2007, the 4th Terrafirma User Workshop was held at ESRIN, Frascati, Italy. The Workshop agenda can be downloaded here . The following presentations correspond to the presentations as listed in the agenda (please note that some presentations are quite large files). Further information on the speakers, the Terrafirma workshop, and the ESA 2007 Geohazards Week is available here .
Ground subsidence in Brussels

Surface deformations Vaasa city: Market experience and opportunities

Vertical Movements of Prague and Ostrava Areas, Czech Republic

Budapest PSInSAR dataset: First interpretations

Further investigations on the use of PSInSAR data to characterize the active tectonics of the Lower Targus Valley

Terrafirma in Ireland, 2007 Update

Long term and seasonal ground deformation monitoring of Larissa plain by Persistent Scatterer Interferometry

Stassfurt Case Study : Preliminary Results

Analysis of the PSI data from the Upper Silesia (SW Poland)

Validation of existing processing chains in Terrafirma

Landslide Inventory (LSI): Calabrian Basin

SPN Subsidence Analysis in Murcia

Subsidence and uplift in Rome and surroundings as revealed by satellite SAR images

Terrafirma Product Review

Workshop Conclusion by EuroGeoSurveys Presiden t